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KEP Fair Manufactory

No harm to the planet and workers. Fair for all.

Highest ethical and environmental standards, women empowerment, quality, and transparency. 


These words are ours to use.


Here we are as a living example of the values we want to see.


What do we mean by fair?

KEP Fair Manufactory has always been rooted in its commitment to ethics, the environment and women’s empowerment. Our manufactory ensures a higher standard of work that can be measured by an external body. Driven by care and love for people and the planet, the KEP Fair Manufactory maximizes our social good by reinvesting profits and ensuring responsible growth in the sector.

Social Enterprise

Respect to Planet


Transparent Process

Ethical Work




Pattern & CATS

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Material Sourcing



What we do?

We love what we do and we see our customers as our collobaraters. We create and grow together. 

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